Flourish Programs

Kick Start Program – 4 Weeks

A great introductory program for those wanting to test the waters. These 4 weeks delve into every aspect of your life. We start the process of resetting the mind and body.

With 4 weeks of food plans and recipes plus lots of time spend on mindfulness, this 4 weeks will teach you how to start changing negative thought patterns, how to make better food choices and how to develop the right mindset. ‘Kick Start’ your journey by positively dealing with unhealthy habits and overcoming the thoughts that hold you back.

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Thrive Program – 8 Weeks

You are starting to notice the changes, your feeling good and have completed four weeks but feel you have a lot more positive changes to make and need the support and guidance as you continue.

The 8-week program delves deeper into those negative thought patterns, self-sabotaging ways and gives us more time to incorporate strategies and habitual habits.

The extra weeks will provide additional guidance and support, fine tuning and embedding all you have learnt.

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Flourish Program – 12 Weeks

A lifestyle program, offering long-term backing and direction. This package includes all options found in the 4- and 8-week programs but gives you the extra 4 weeks to really ingrain the positive habits.

By 12 weeks end, you are well on your way to being equipped with the knowledge and tools to embrace positive change. By the end of the 12 weeks making healthy choices is now habitual and this is a lifestyle which you can incorporate for the rest of your life. You will be feeling so good, you will have no need for fad/quick fix diets, it will be your time to flourish.

Payment plans available

Payment plans available

Flourish Packages – 4, 8 and 12 weeks!

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Psychologically is where most people lose the battle against becoming healthier. This is where my program supports your dietary requirements but most importantly, your wellbeing and state of mind.

I am not about bikini bodies, weighing daily, what size you are or counting calories. My programs are designed to help woman modify habits, integrate positive behavioural changes. This maybe weight loss, improving gut health, increasing energy, coping with fluctuating hormones or just wanting to be a healthier version of yourself.

Check out the testimonials for real women giving the honest truth about the program.

Programs include:

  • Initial body systems assessment, including diet, exercise and overall health status.
  • Discuss and step through your customised program
  • A weekly customised meal plan, including recipes for either your 4, 8- or 12-week program
  • Mindfulness and thought-provoking weekly discussions
  • 30-minute weekly ‘check in’s’, via telehealth or face to face appointment
  • Reliable support (emails, text and check in’s)
  • Photo log, measurements and weigh in.
  • Built in flexibility, allowing you to extend or upgrade to other programs

“My programs are customised for you, your lifestyle, catering for medical conditions, allergies, your family history, stresses in life, exercise and well-balanced nutrition. Not only are they budget friendly, they are nutrient rich and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare, and taste great!”

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