Flourish E-Book


A guide to the Flourish Nutrition & Health program including tips and recipes .

This exclusive ebook, is written by Simone James, Clinical Nutritionist and Chef.

With yummy chef prepared recipes, health tips and lifestyle changes, this ebook will help you implement the changes needed to start achieving your health goals today.  

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All of us have been on at least one diet in our lives and most of us have put on the lost weight (plus more). Why is this the case?

If you reduce your calories, increase your exercise, reduce processed and sugary food you will loseweight. But the issue does not only come from the food restriction factor but stems back to the pshycholoical aspects which had you initially gaining weight. If you do not recognise and address these issues you will continuely be on the negative ‘weight’ cycle. This is why….

Flourish Nutrition & Health was born….

My programs include Intermittent Fasting, chef designed meals, personalised programs, food plans and all recipes. For the mind and body, l incorporate meditation, gut health repair and a pinch of accountability.

The Main Ingredient….

Lots and lots of guidance and support. We delve into the emotional aspects which hold you back as well as incorporating daily strategies for the negative thoughts. With generous amounts of talking, crying and laughing we are able to get to the Aha moment.

The Aha moment…………

The moment you realise you are worthy, beautiful and deserve the best!