Foodie Plan 7

I define my health by how much l weigh!

If you tell people, you are on a diet the first thing they ask is, “how much weight do you want to lose?”

They don’t ask, “oh you’re doing the diet to feel better or sleep better or think clearer or have regular bowel motions?”

No! It’s all about the number on the scales, that’s why it’s called a Diet!

If you focus only on the number, you miss all the positive changes in your mind and body.

The body experiences a reduction in bloating, reflux and skin blemishes. What about the improvement in sleep quality, regular periods, reduction in clothes size or the increase in energy?

The mind also experiences positive changes from a decrease in brain fog and negative thoughts to an overall feeling of joy and determination. You see that food no longer controls your day and all the feelings of food regret and cravings dissipates and you are finally in control of what you choose to eat.

This is why we don’t rely on the scales because we are not dieting, we are incorporating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan for life!