Foodie Plan 10 Copy

Meal Prep? No Worries!

Do l have to spend time in the kitchen?

At the start of this journey, you would have come to me either loving cooking or hating it!

Some people love to spend time in the kitchen while others could not think of anything worse.

Unfortunately, to be healthy you need to spend time in the kitchen.

Meal prep can be the difference between success and failure!

Let’s think about the moment you come home from work or driving the kids around or an hour at the gym or just a busy day, you make a decision…….

There is nothing in the fridge, do l order takeaway?

Now imagine having home cooked frozen meals in the fridge which you love.

You remove one, heat it up in 10 minutes, sit at the table and think WOW l am so proud of myself.

Not only did l make a good decision for my body l feel so much better eating this than greasy, unhealthy takeaway.

So, put on the loud music, grab a glass of wine & spend 2 hours on the weekend meal prepping, you are worth it!

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