Flourish Dinner Service

“As a chef l see the importance in designing meals that taste great for the whole family. This is why l offer my Flourish Dinner Service! The meals l cook for you not only taste great but are nutritious and healthy.  You will not be disappointed.”

Flourish Dinner Service

The Flourish Dinner Service focuses on helping individuals with extra help in the kitchen through preparing and cooking healthy dinners to remove the stress. The meals are not only nutritious but also healthy! They include lots of lean meats, seasonal vegetables and have lots and lots of flavour!

The best part is they are all prepared and cooked at your home, from your kitchen to your plate!

I offer this service through NDIS, aged Care service providers as well as individuals, servicing the Ballarat region and outer suburbs.

Behind the Scenes

My story is a simple one…. overweight, like many I tried everything and just got frustrated (and fatter)! As a qualified Chef, I had the knowledge of food preparation, but needed more of an understanding of the effects of foods on the body and mind. To achieve a better understanding, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

On completion, I obtained a new found awareness and passion, a different perspective on food but still struggled with the notion being skinny meant l was healthy but also people would like me more. I was fighting the constant photos of thin women, the relentless advertising telling me l should be a size 10 and the unyielding message l was fat because l was a size 16.

Yes, there are hundreds of online programs which offer you dietary plans and recipes, but very few factors in the much needed one to one support. Some coaches reached out via email, but I desired face to face contact, someone who would have that honest conversation with me, someone who could empathise, someone who understood my struggle.

This was when Flourish Nutrition & Health was born.

Nutrition and diet websites are not a new concept, with almost one million websites online, no wonder people get confused and don’t know where to turn for help. When I developed Flourish, I envisaged something different. I want my clients to feel they are my only priority and I want them to know I genuinely want to help them achieve their goals.

To facilitate this, programs are personalised to the individual, a holistic approach taking into account all aspects of your life.

Let’s work together to determine what works for your body, your mind and wellbeing, in order for you to be your best and Flourish!

“As a chef l see the importance in designing meals that taste great but are also easy to prepare. Not everyone wants to spend hours in the kitchen and honestly who has the time. My recipes are quick, easy and taste great, you will not be disappointed.”

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What’s Included?

  • Each week includes 5 new dinners. All healthy and nutritious.
  • Prepared and cooked in your kitchen.
  • Certain allergies and intolerances catered for.
  • Menu’s prepared to your food preferences.
  • Shopping list included. Need the shopping done by me? No problem this can also be organised.
  • Serving sheet included. This details how to reheat and serve the dinners.
  • The kitchen is left spotless. All dishes and surfaces cleaned.
  • Food prepared and handled as per food handlers certificate requirements.
  • Meals portioned to your needs and requirements.
  • Meals prepared for 1, 2, 4 or 6 portions (restrictions apply, see below)
  • You don’t have to worry about a thing, l do all the work!

Weekly Menu

Weekly Shopping List

Dinner Serving Sheet

“Simone is a phenomenal nutritionist who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about seeing her clients succeed in all areas of health and nutrition. I would recommend Simone to anyone who is wanting to improve their relationship with food.

Simone makes you feel like family and is always there if you have questions. She makes you feel comfortable and supported throughout your journey with her. Not only does Simone assist you with meal plans, but she will help you understand your relationship with food and how to improve it.

I can’t thank Simone enough for the guidance and support over the last 6 months.”


“The meals have been incredibly tasty and the whole family loves them. The money l have saved on takeaway has been massive, we prefer Simone’s meals over takeaway any day.”