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Welcome to Flourish in 5!

The next 5 weeks are going to be insightful and sometimes challenging but most of all rewarding.
We will delve into every aspect of your life. Teach you aspects about yourself you never knew, learn how your body functions and help you achieve your health goals.

Just some of the topics we will explore:

  • Why you crave certain foods?
  • To read your body and understand its que’s.
  • Are you are an emotional eater and why?
  • If certain foods groups are not suited to your body.
  • Mindfulness and incorporating into your day.
  • Strategies to help you overcome negative thoughts and behaviours.
  • How to make yummy foods for you, which the whole family will enjoy.
  • What exercise is best for you?
  • Plus, much much more!

So, go to week 1 and let’s get started 😊