Supporting my clients to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition & mindfulness

 A Intuitive Nutritionist & Chef who is honest, open & supportive in helping her clients achieve their health goals!

 ♦ Weight loss ♦ Reflux ♦ IBS ♦ Anxiety & Depression Gut Health

In the words of Hippocrates “All disease begins in the gut”.

Flourish Programs

Flourish in 5 – 5 Weeks

These 5 weeks delve into every aspect of your life. By incorporating positive change, ingraining new habits and delving into your mindset, we start the process of resetting the mind and body, together. Welcome to the start of your new, healthy lifestyle!

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Thrive in 10 – 10 Weeks

A lifestyle program, offering long-term backing and direction. This package includes all options found in the 5-week programs but gives you the extra 6 weeks to really ingrain the positive habits.

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“I first made contact with Simone late one evening on a whim and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Working closely with her through a tailor made program for 12 weeks changed my life in more ways than I could have ever dreamed.

Trust me when I say I’ve tired everything else before to loose weight, Simone is so genuine and an all round beautiful person that you know she’s always cheering for you, she wants you to succeed and be your best, she’s not just in it to make money and watch you fend for yourself or set you up to fail. That’s why this program works. It’s not the recipes you walk away with, it’s her holistic approach that keeps the fire burning to want to achieve your goals.


A Clinical Nutritionist who gives complete one to one support!

As a clinical nutritionist my practice is based on evidence-based nutrition and the wellbeing of my clients. By delving into the mind and body we work together to implement a plan which is personalised to your goals.

Yes, there are hundreds of online programs which offer you dietary plans and recipes, but very few factor in the much needed one to one support.

This is why my programs work! They are personalised to the individual, a holistic approach taking into account all facets of your life. Together, we work through all the aspects which stop you obtaining your goals so you can be your best and Flourish.